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Cannondale Lefty Hybrid 29er (2013) Parts List and Exploded Diagram

Exploded diagram and parts list for the Cannondale Lefty Hybrid 29er (2013)

Lefty Hybrid 29er (2013) Parts

Part CodeDescription
HD010 Cannondale Lefty Spacer Travel Reducer, HD010, KR034
HD011 Cannondale Lefty Fork Band Clamps, HD011
HD215 Cannondale Lefty Frame Bumper, Standard, HD215
KH047 Cannondale Lefty Air Valve Core Kit, KH047
KH062 Cannondale Lefty Damper PBR140, KH062
KH065 Cannondale Lefty PBR Knobs, KH065
KH074 Cannondale Lefty Frame Bumper, XL, KH074
KH079 Cannondale Lefty Damper XLR 140,120,29er, KH079
KH082 Cannondale Lefty Hydraulic Remote Lockout Lever, XLR, KH082
KH085 Cannondale Lefty Air Piston PBR, XLR 90mm 29er, KH085
KH091 Cannondale Lefty Air Piston PBR, XLR 100mm 29er, KH091
KH099 Cannondale Lefty Hybrid Bash Guard, KH099
KH100 Cannondale Left Collar Upper XLR,PBR OPI, Carbon, KH100
KH101 Cannondale Upper Collar for Lefty Fork XLR/PBR Models OPI, Black KH101
KT028 Cannondale Lefty DLR SL Air Cap, KT028