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Cannondale Jekyll (2018+) Parts List and Exploded Diagram

Exploded diagram and parts list for the Cannondale Jekyll (2018+)

Jekyll (2018+) Parts

Part CodeDescription
ACB418H7B-DBA Cannondale 1 1/8" Headset Bearing, ACB418H7B-DBA
ACB52H8A-DBA Cannondale 1 1/2" Headset Bearing, 52MM/8MM/45, ACB52H8A-DBA
CK3107U00LG Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Downtube Protector, CK3107U00, K34088
CK3107U00MD Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Downtube Protector, CK3107U00, K34088
CK3107U00SM Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Downtube Protector, CK3107U00, K34088
CK3107U00XL Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Downtube Protector, CK3107U00, K34088
CK3157U00OS Cannondale 2018 Jekyll Pivot Hardware, CK3157U00OS
CK3167U00OS Cannondale 2018 Jekyll Pivot Bearing Kit, CK3167U00OS
CK3187U00OS Cannondale 2018 Trigger/Jekyll Grommets, CK3187U00OS
CK3197U00OS Cannondale 2018 Jekyll Carbon ChainStay Protector, CK3197U00OS
CK3207U00OS Cannondale 2018 Jekyll Shock Mount Hardware, CK3207U00OS
CK3217U00OS Cannondale 2018 Jekyll Aluminium ChainStay Protector, CK3217U00OS
CK3257U00OS Cannondale 2018 Jekyll, Trigger Derailleur Hanger, CK3257U00OS
CK9017U00OS Cannondale 17x30 Bearing Tool, CK9017U00OS
K34008 Cannondale 2018 Jekyll Alloy Downtube Protector, All Sizes, K34008
K34058 Cannondale 2018 Jekyll, Trigger Aluminium Heel Rub Guards, K34058
K34068 Cannondale 2018 Jekyll, Trigger Carbon Heel Rub Guards, K34068
K36018 Cannondale 2018 Jekyll Alloy Shock Mount Hardware, K36018
KB6180 Cannondale BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearings, Steel x2, KB6180
KP197 Cannondale Pressfit 30 Bottom Bracket, KP197
KP197/SRM Cannondale Pressfit 30 Bottom Bracket for SRM, KP197/SRM
KP388 Cannondale Mountain Bike Seat Clamp, 34.9, KP388
KP421/160 Cannondale Brake Mount Adapter, Flat 160mm, KP421/160
KP421/180 Cannondale Brake Mount Adapter, Flat 180mm, KP421/180
KP436 Cannondale Scalpel SI, Jekyll, Trigger Cable Guides, KP436