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Cannondale Claymore Parts List and Exploded Diagram

Exploded diagram and parts list for the Cannondale Claymore

Claymore Parts

Part CodeDescription
A (KP201) Cannondale Claymore Link Hardware, KP201
B (1MP01) Cannondale Airspeed Shock Pump, 1MP01
B (KP185) Cannondale Claymore, Jekyll, Trigger Pivot Bearing Kit, KP185
KB6180 Cannondale BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearings, Steel x2, KB6180
KF103 Cannondale Scuff Guard 8 pack, KF103
KF366 Cannondale BB30 Adapter Insert Removal Tool, KF366
KF368 Cannondale BB30 Adapter Insert, 73mm, with Install Tool, KF368
KP010 Cannondale BB30 Adapter Insert, MTB 73mm, KP010
KP018 Cannondale BB30 Bottom Bracket Bearings, Ceramic x2, KP018
KP054 Cannondale Flash, F29, FSi, Scalpel Downtube Protector, KP054 DISCONTINUED
KP169 Cannondale Jekyll, Trigger, Scalpel Pivot Tool, KP169
KP170 Cannondale Mountain Bike Quick Release Seat Clamp, 34.9, KP170
KP173 Cannondale Scalpel 29er, Jekyll, Claymore, Trigger, Moterra Derailleur Hanger, KP173
KP174 Cannondale 142mm to 135mm Rear Wheel Spacer, KP174
KP175 Cannondale Claymore, Jekyll, Scalpel 29er, Moterra Rear Brake Mount Adaptor, 160mm, KP175
KP176 Cannondale Claymore, Jekyll, Scalpel 29er Rear Brake Mount Adaptor, 180mm, KP176
KP177 Cannondale Claymore, Jekyll, Scalpel 29er Rear Brake Mount Adaptor, 185mm, KP177
KP178 Cannondale Claymore, Jekyll, Scalpel 29er Rear Brake Mount Adaptor, 203mm, KP178
KP180 Cannondale Dyad Shock Flight Switch, KP180
KP190 Cannondale Jekyll, Claymore, Scalpel 29er, SuperX Rear Thru Axle, KP190
KP198 Cannondale Claymore DYAD Fox Rear Shock, KP198
KP199 Cannondale Claymore Shock Mount Hardware, KP199
KP200 Cannondale Claymore Sag Indicator, KP200
KP202 Cannondale Claymore Internal Headshok Headset, KP202
KP204 Cannondale Claymore Tapered Headset , KP204
QC616 Cannondale SI BB30 Bearing Circlip x2, QC616
QC617 Cannondale SI Plastic Shim for Bottom Bracket Spacing, QC617
QC618 Cannondale SI Wave Washer for Bottom Bracket, QC618